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Microsoft lifts update embargo on Windows 10

Microsoft this week lifted the security update blockade on Windows 10 PCs that do not have approved antivirus software, but kept the no-patches-for-you rule in place for the more popular Windows 7.

The update roadblock was assembled in early January, when Microsoft issued mitigations against the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities stemmed from design flaws in virtually all modern processors made by Intel, AMD and ARM. According to Microsoft, the security updates could brick PCs equipped with antivirus (AV) software that had improperly tapped into kernel memory.

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The collaboration conundrum: Companies look to consolidate around team chat apps

ORLANDO, Fla. – The wide variety of collaboration and communications tools now available to businesses can help connect employees in different locations, but can also result in fragmented and siloed conversations. 

With that in mind, a new breed of team collaboration chat apps has emerged in recent years that, in many cases, incorporate video and voice call functionality alongside text-based messaging. That means enterprise organizations can begin to  consolidate some of their existing communication tools into a single platform deployed across the business, according to a panel of CIOs at the Enterprise Connect conference here in Orlando.

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DeX gets an upgrade with the Samsung Galaxy S9

A better camera and personalized emojis might headline the new features on Samsung’s Galaxy S9, but there are good reasons for enterprise users to take notice: a new version of its innovative DeX dock and upgrades to Knox.

DeX was introduced with the Galaxy S8 last year and connects to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a PC-like experience powered by the smartphone. Software in the phone detects when it’s connected and replaces the typical smartphone homescreen with a computer-like desktop on the monitor.

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Interview: Khronos brings Vulkan applications to Macs, iPhones, iPads

Developers should be excited that Khronos today introduced new open source tools to port Vulkan applications to Apple’s platforms. I caught up with Khronos Group President, Neil Trevett, to find out more about the project and why it matters.

Introducing Vulkan

Vulkan is an open standard for 3D graphics, developed by the Khronos Group, an industry consortium dedicated to the creation of open standards for the graphics industry. 

Vulkan is supported by a large number of major industry participants, including hardware vendors, driver implementers, and tool vendors, across many hardware and operating system platforms.

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Chrome 68 to condemn all unencrypted sites by summer

Google has put a July deadline on a 2016 promise that its Chrome browser would tag all websites that don’t encrypt their traffic.

“Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure,’” wrote Emily Schechter, a Chrome security product manager, in a Feb. 8 post to a company blog.

Google has scheduled Chrome 68 to release in Stable form – analogous to production-level quality – during the week of July 22-28.

Starting then, Chrome will insert a “Not secure” label into the address bar of every website that uses HTTP connections between its servers and users. Sites that instead rely on HTTPS to encrypt the back-and-forth traffic will display their URLs normally in the address bar.

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