Just Eat on the lookout for 150 tech professionals

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The next corporate collaboration tool: Podcasts?

Interest in podcasts has grown in recent years: 44% of people in the U.S. have listened to a podcast at some point, according to Edison Research, while 26% do so at least once a month now.

But while podcasts may be gaining ground in the car or at home, the streaming technology has made only limited inroads at work – so far.

Nevertheless, some companies see new potential for audio streaming as a means of delivering on-demand content to staffer, particularly for firms with a large number of remote and mobile workers.

With that kind of interest in mind, enterprise video streaming provider uStudio recently launched a podcast delivery platform that adds the necessary admin controls, business application integrations, security features and usage analytics expected by business leaders and IT departments. (Similar solutions are also offered by podcast hosting providers such as Podbean and Blubrry.)

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Throwback Thursday: How to guarantee business will grow

It’s early 2005, and this pilot fish works for an online retailer – and pays close attention to the chatter about website development.

Spring 2005:

Manager: “Do we need a database administrator for the new attribute key-value design?”

Software developer: “No, we won’t ever need more than 10 attribute key-val pairs. The business will never get bigger than that. Besides, storing data in columns means it’s contiguous on disk and one select will mean one read!”

Summer 2005:

Developer: “Hmm, why is the database so slow? I wonder if it’s the 100 attribute key-value pairs. We now have 100 columns instead of 10, but that should be fine.”

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