Enterprise alert: Microsoft slates next Windows 10 LTSB release for 2019

Microsoft won’t issue another Windows 10 “Long-term Servicing Branch” (LTSB) build until 2019, a company official said last week.

“The next LTSB release is expected for 2019,” Nathan Mercer, senior product marketing manager, said in an “Ask me anything”-style Q&A last week. “Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 is the current LTSB release.”

The three-year gap between the current and future LTSB versions will be the longest yet for Windows 10’s most constant edition. Microsoft labeled the debut release – mid-2015’s 1507, the latter the firm’s yymm identifier for each feature upgrade – as LTSB, then did the same with the next year’s 1607. As Mercer noted, 1607 is the current LTSB release.

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from Computerworld News http://www.computerworld.com/article/3195318/microsoft-windows/enterprise-alert-microsoft-slates-next-windows-10-ltsb-release-for-2019.html#tk.rss_news
from Tumblr http://2375823.tumblr.com/post/160485976878


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